May 6, 2015

Youth In Action at the 2014-215 Baltimore Annual Conference

By: Rev. Meisha Osbourne

On April 4, 2015, Mt. Calvary AME's YPD had the opportunity to attend the Baltimore Conference Annual YPD Day the Camp Ramglewood, located in Darlington, MD. Mt. Calvary AME's YPD attended and retured from Annual YPD Day with great praise reports; Sis. Jamie Marshall of Hampton University, was elected and remains as the Baltimore District's Financial Secretary; Bro. Derrick Watson, Bro. Nathan Epps and Bro. Christopher Nash participated in the Conference Spelling and advanced as finalist outside of their age categories; and ultimately - shared the love of Christ with one another and with other youth from difference churches within the Baltimore Conference. Spiritually, it was a blessing to witness the purity of laughter, profound brotherhood and sisterhood - within our youth.

The richest takeaway of the day: under the direction of Saving Our Sons (SOS) Leader, Bro. DuRan Epps - All of Mt. Calvary AME's young men attracted other youth from other churches to join and make an additional football game that quickly grew from 7 places to an estimated 16 players; that all had such a wonderful time and did not want it to end.

The was no way this year's annual day could have been a success without the help and support of our Pastor, Exec. Ministry, our Church, and Parents / Guardians! Annual day was truly a blessing. We look forward to next year.

Ministry Spotlight - W.O.W. Ministry

The mission of the Women of Warfare (WOW!) Ministry at Mount Calvary is "It's time for a revolution... We Declare War!!!" Fighting for our families, friends, ourselves, and One Another!! Wiping out... Worry, Weariness, Waywardness, Weakness, Wounds (Hurt)! Everyone that looks upon this ministry will have to proclaim... WOW!!! Look at what the Lord is doing through these mighty women of God. Even the enemy will have to step back and say WOW. Because the ministry has declared war, their leadership titles are that of an army, with Pastor Ann Lightner-Fuller leading the army as General, along with Rev. Lori Hines, Rev. Dana Gaymon, Sis. Cassie Smith and others leading the charge.

This year, the WOW Ministry will host several activities during Women's Month with the theme, "This Girl Is On Fire For Jesus," taken from Acts 2:1-3. Beginning with a Bible Study / Workshop on May 14th, all women are asked to come out be blessed. T-Shirts ($10-$15) with this year's theme will also be on sale; you may begin placing your order on 1st Sunday. WOW will also host their 3rd Annual Anointed Service on Friday, May 22nd, end the month the Annual Women's Day Service on May 24th at 8 a.m. & 11 a.m. (Assessments: $100.00 for men & women. $10.00 for children and youth.) The day will commence with a Comedy Luncheon / Fancy Shoe Contest at 1:30 p.m. in the Family Life Center. Donation $25.00

The ministry has regular monthly Bible Study and quarterly Chat & Chew Workshops. If you are interested in joining the WOW Ministry, come out a any of their regularly scheduled activities and declare war on the enemy.


Meditation From the Pew... 

By: Rev. Dana Gaymon
W.O.W. Lieutenant of Bible Study

Spring is in the air and with it comes expectations of growth from the earth. Spring is also the seaon that we celebrate women! May is Women's Month at Mount Calvary and this year out them ("This Girl is on Fire for Jesus") is commensurate with our purpose, calling and desire to be... "On Fire For The Lord."

As we kick off Women's Month, I would like to challenge each of us to take a cue from Mother Nature and being to blossom this spring! Women of Warfare, now is the time to grow where you have been plants. The seeds that God has placed in us have germinated and taken root. It is time to push through and grow!

Women's Day is May 24th, Pentecost Sunday! Acts 2:1-3, tells us that when Pentecost came the people were all togehter, tongues of fire rested on each of them, and ALL were filled with the Holy Spirit! Please join us this month as we received , rekindle and rejoice in the fire from on high!

Let us ponder the question, now that you have received the fire, what will you do with it?

Apr 15, 2015

Attentiveness and Responsiveness to The Risen Savior

By: Rev. Thomasine Adams

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus predicts his death three times. It is during the third
prediction that he says, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be
delivered over to the chief priests and the teachers of the law. They will condemn
him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on
him, flog him and kill him. Three days later he will rise.” (Mark 10:33-34)

Jesus’ predictions reveal the importance of attentiveness and responsiveness for his
disciples and Christians today.

Jesus had high purpose and deep vision for as we see “…he steadfastly set his face to
go to Jerusalem where he would die for the sins of the world” (Luke 9:51). The
disciples were given three predictions of His death and resurrection, but seemingly,
they were not as attentive as Jesus desired them to be.

In the first prediction, Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him (Mark 8:31-
33). In the second prediction, the disciples did not understand what Jesus meant and
were afraid to ask him about it (Mark 9:31-32). Finally, in the third prediction, the
sons of Zebedee wanted to sit on Jesus’ right and left (Mark 10:33-37). The disciples
were not attentive to Jesus’ predictions.

What does it mean to be attentive? It means to be mindful of God's presence in all of
life. You cannot truly experience Jesus’ presence if you are not attentive to His call on
your life. It is important to be attentive to what you resist. Attentiveness means not
turning away when Jesus ask you to accept and do the hard things, just as he tried to
explain to the disciples.

How are you responding to the Risen Savior on this Christian journey? Is your face
fixed on the Cross as you respond to the Risen Savior in all of life? Are you responding
with love, obedience, compassion, and thankfulness for the great Gift of Salvation?
God calls us to be attentive and responsive in our daily lives which will enable us to
desire and embrace a deeper relationship with the Risen Savior.
As you seek to be attentive to the Risen Savior and respond with “A Heart to Follow
Jesus”, your prayer life will be your foundation, the Holy Spirit will be your guide,
and your faith will be your anchor.

Mar 3, 2015

Meditation From The Pew...

Authentic Missions: Being A Reflection of Christ
By Sis. Roxanne Epps

For just a moment allow your imagination to carry you off to the Christmas season when we tend to be more compassionate and kindhearted than any other time of the year. Be still for a minute and listen to the chatter and enthusiasm. "Do we have enough turkeys? Does anyone know where we put the sweet potatoes and green beans?" Take notice of the merriment and excitement during the holiday when missionaries are diligently working to prepare baskets for families in the community. There are certain seasons when we customarily go the extra mile to do something for those we consider to be less fortunate than us. Why - often we believe it makes us look good and because it makes us feel good. However, that should never be the primary reason we serve God's people. If God isn't glorified then we've missed the mark.

Missionary endeavors afford us the opportunity to represent God. God should be the motivating factor; therefore, we shouldn't lose sigh of Him. There is nothing sinful about feeling good when we have reached our objective to serve others, be it through missions, our calling, or our gift and talents. But its imperative to stay focused on His light and not allow ourselves to get caught up in the "act". Be it Jamaica, East Towson or wherever, people should see God in action through us. They should see a spirit that is humble, pure, and meek. Authentic missions should replicate a spirit that is stripped down of everything that is not a reflection of Jesus Christ. Let's remember to keep God as our focal point in our ministry of missions and Jesus Christ as an example.

Feb 10, 2015

A Message from Our Executive Minister

"The Harvest In Plentiful and We Still Need Laborers!"

Peace and blessings to my Mt. Calvary Family!

We are still in the dawn of a new year and there is a lot of work to be accomplished. As the Lord brings the harvest the real question is this, who will be available to gather up the crops? So if the Lord is calling you to serve, step outside of your comfort zone and say here I am Lord, use me.

We need your talents and remember no talent is too small or large to be used in kingdom work. e need kingdom workers in every facet of church life. From teachers to cleaners, from cleaners to cooks, from cooks to communicators - the Lord has need of you!

The Lord need your time, which means in 2015 we must being to reprioritize our lives so that kingdom matters have priority in our lives. We can no longer come to church on Sunday and just expect everything to be in order, especially if we have not given any time to the up building of this church. Please think of the church when you are at home, work, or even at play. Ask yourself what I can do or give to make the church even more effective?

Finally, the Lord has called for your treasure, yes beloved, the money! The church does not just operate on good wishes and prayer, but on tithes and offerings as well. Become a tither today, try God and put Him to the test in 2015. Watch God bless you in areas you were dried up and withering away. Mount Calvary, you have witnessed what your tithes and sacrificial gifts to the kingdom have accomplished: A beautiful sanctuary, a state of the are Life Center, supporting missions in Africa, Caribbean, and right here in the communities of Baltimore and Towson. Here is the truth - the best is till yet to come!

So listen to the words of Paul, "I beg you therefore, my brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, that your present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service!" (Romans 12:1)

Determined to live by faith,
Dr. Stanley

Youth Perspective on the Movie "SELMA"...

There I sat with my mom in the Cinemark,
Looking at the movie "Selma" wondering why life was so complex.
I remember reading all the textbooks
How my ancestors struggled while the other game them dirty looks.
Whips and chains because they wanted to vote.
The test they took were not a joke.
While forming lines, the marched the streets of a small town.
Those who opposed gave them several dirty frowns.
But MLK, as my generation calls him, did not stop.
 Several times, he went to the White House to voice his concerns without arguing or shout.
Peace, not violence, was the plan for you to see.
They marched and cried till they saw victory.
I ask how one man can stand the test,
But I see he had God and that was best.
They kneeled down in silence and began to pray.
His followers wondered why did he just walk away.
Finally LBJ saw the light.
Because Martin Luther King did not give up his fight.
A good eye opener for the youth to see.
A good eye opener for the young at Mt. Calvary A.M.E.

By: Jada Scruggs, Grade 10